Academy Aims and Mission Statement

Our Mission statement is that we aim 'to create a happy, secure environment in which individuals are encouraged to develop their maximum potential.'

Our aim is to provide education of the highest quality for our children.

We aim to do this by:-

  • Inspiring children to be active, enthusiastic and independent learners, a process to go on for the rest of their lives.
  • Promoting religious and moral values, good manners and discipline consistently enforced.
  • Ensuring all round development of children - physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially.
  • Offering a broad based, balanced curriculum to suit children's individual needs.
  • Ensuring everyone has equal opportunity to all aspects of the curriculum.
  • Providing opportunities for everyone's voice to be heard.
  • Working in partnership with the community to the benefit of all.

Equality Objectives:-

Epworth Primary Academy is dedicated to guaranteeing that provision is equitable throughout our school community. We endeavour to achieve this by:

  • Promoting cultural development and understanding via a wide range of experiences, both in and beyond daily school-life
  • Ensuring a wealth of opportunities exist within the school curriculum to address issues of equality through the curriculum and wider curriculum as well as through educational visits and visitors to school
  • Effectively supporting and challenging children so that progress is made by all, including those in vulnerable groups
  • Monitoring and responding to any issues that arise where prejudice is considered to be a contributing factor

Ensuring the school environment is as accessible as possible to pupils, staff and visitors

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