Active Playgrounds

Our school is part of the Active Playgrounds and employs play leaders at lunchtime to promote healthy exercise and play. The school has extensive hard surfaces for key stage 1 and 2 children, a field used in drier weather, playground markings and quieter areas for the children to use. A 'Trim Trail' has been installed following fund raising from the FoES (Friends of Epworth group) and the children have a weekly turn on this on a rota basis.

Older children get out and put away playground equipment boxes and work with younger children as 'Play Leaders' to play games.

School fleeces may be worn as an option outside - but are not part of the uniform to wear inside.

Please ensure that all clothing and footwear is clearly marked with your child's name so lost items can be returned. With 260 children wearing the same uniform you can imagine the difficulty if clothing isn't labelled and then gets lost. We have lost property boxes which parents are welcomed to look in for lost items

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