Healthy Schools

We are a 'Healthy School'. Our work in developing active play in the playground, extending Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE), starting a Gardening club and promoting healthy eating through planned 'Health weeks' has been recognised with the achievement of the Award.

Parents are asked to support the school's healthy eating policy by providing balanced packed lunches for their children with no sweets or chocolate bars. Pupils may bring squash or fruit juice to have with their packed lunch.

The same applies at break times - only fruit or vegetables are allowed. Children in Foundation and Key Stage 1 receive a free piece of fruit a day as part of a Government scheme. Children in Key Stage 2 may bring their own or buy a healthy snack from the tuck shop.

Everyone has a right to access clean drinking water. We try to encourage pupils to drink water at school. Pupils are encouraged to drink water, when required, from their own water bottles or the tap. Foundation Stage pupils have free access to water.

Please note that only water is allowed - no squash or flavoured water. Water has important health benefits. Research has shown that most children used to get dehydrated at school before water bottles were introduced and sipping cooled water improves concentration and learning potential. The children drink the water through the day so any other drink would have a detrimental effect on their teeth.

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