Extra Curricular and School Trips / Residential


We aim to provide pupils with a range of sporting experiences to improve physical skills, develop independent thinking and support the development of agility and strength. We believe that through participation in individual and team sports such experiences contribute to the development of a healthy lifestyle, the development of confidence, self-esteem and respect for others.

The Academy works in partnership with other schools to promote PE Children take part in a range of festivals and competitions over the year in a number of sports. These have included Football, Wake Up and Shake Up, Athletics and Cross Country. These events have been open to both boys and girls of different age groups. Additionally we have taken part in competitive Football competitions as well as playing friendly matches.

All children have an opportunity to learn to swim before they leave us for secondary school. All Year 4 pupils have swimming lessons at the local Leisure Centre. Parents are notified by letter about arrangements for swimming lessons in Year 4.

Music Tuition

Children from Year 2 upwards have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument with tuition provided by the Local Authority Music service. At the moment we have children learning the guitar, cello, violin, drums, clarinet and brass instruments. From time to time there are spaces for new children to start lessons. Please see the school office if you are interested.

The Music Service sets a termly charge for tuition. At the moment this is £70 a term.

All Year 5 children have a weekly Guitar lesson that is provided at no charge with funding from the Lotteries New Opportunities Fund. A lunchtime recorder club has also just been started.

Over the year the children are given opportunities to perform in front of the school audience and parents. Younger children perform Nativity plays and other Christmas plays at Christmas while the oldest children take part in a summer production.

After Schools Club

Staff run a variety of after school clubs. There are clubs available for every year group in school. The clubs available vary seasonally and also from year to year depending upon the interests of the staff. Clubs offered over the past year have included: Tag Rugby, Football, German, French, Board Games, Athletics, Netball and ICT Clubs are taken by school staff or qualified coaches on a commercial basis with parents paying for tuition.

We believe after school clubs give children a valuable opportunity to develop their skills and interests in a particular area. We are grateful to all staff for giving up their time to volunteer to lead a Club.


We believe that carefully planned educational visits are an important part of the curriculum. They offer an opportunity to give the children 'first hand' experience of an area of study that is just not possible in the classroom. Examples of day visits from different classes in the past year include:

  • Magna in Sheffield
  • Pink Pig Farm
  • Tropical Butterfly house

Risk assessments are carried out for all visits out of the Academy, in accordance with current guidelines. The children are properly supervised throughout by staff - we often welcome additional help from parents on a visit (who have a DBS check completed through school). We only use approved coach companies and minibuses with full seat belts.

We make a charge for day trips to cover the cost of coaches, admission and insurance. Although by law such charges are voluntary, we can only continue the visits if the contributions are made as school does not have funds to cover the cost. The visits are vital to broaden the children's experience - education would be poorer without the visits.

In all cases children are unable to go on any visits without written permission from you - so returning the slips at the bottom of the trip letters is important. There are also occasions when we bring special visitors into school for special workshops. We again have to ask for a contribution to cover the costs of the visitor.

Residential Visits

We also believe strongly in the value of Residential visits. The children gain so much from the experience of being away from home with their peers.

We have now added a Residential visit for years 4, 5 and 6 which includes Whitby, Kingswood and Hatfield Water Park.

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