Promoting Positive Behaviour

As a school we consider good behaviour and high standards of politeness and good manners to be an essential condition for effective teaching and learning to take place. It is a primary aim of our Academy that every member of the school community feels valued and respected, and that each person is treated fairly. We teach the pupils to know the difference between right and wrong and to develop tolerance and understanding. This is modelled by staff working with the children in the Academy and also through the PSHE curriculum (Personal, Social and Health Education).

We have introduced a positive behaviour incentive scheme to recognise good behaviour. We encourage, praise and reward children for good behaviour through our Golden Rules and reward system.

They are:

  • Be gentle
  • Be kind and helpful
  • Work hard
  • Look after property
  • Listen to people
  • Be honest

The school has a merit system to reward and promote positive behaviour. Merits are awarded when children have exceeded expectations in school work, behaviour or consideration. After 10 merits have been earned, children are awarded Merit Certificates. There are 10 levels of certificates the children can work through.

Pupils are rewarded in many other ways including:

  • Show work to the Principal.
  • Use of Praise.
  • Well done postcard notes sent home, without the child being told first.
  • Good Work Assembly. This can include recognition of positive attitude as well as work.
  • 'Well Behaved' award. There are a number of children who always behave well and should also be rewarded for doing so. These children will receive a termly reward and parents notified.
  • Weekly Golden Time in key stage 1 and lower key stage 2.

Dealing with Unacceptable Behaviour

Even in a well-ordered and positive environment, it may be necessary from time to time to employ other sanctions alongside the loss of golden time to enforce the school rules, following non-compliance of the Golden Rules, to ensure a safe and positive learning environment. We employ each sanction appropriately to each individual situation.

The school works collaboratively with parents, so children receive consistent messages about how to behave at home and at school. We try to build a supportive dialogue between the home and the school, and we inform parents if we have concerns about their child's welfare or behaviour. If your child loses golden time then we will notify parents.

Toys / Mobile Phones

We do not allow the children to bring toys to the Academy to play with. We provide a good range of playground equipment for breaks and find that bringing toys can result in squabbles between children and upset if the items are lost or broken.

Any item brought into school is at the child's own risk. The Academy does not accept responsibility for any item lost or broken including clothing.

We do not allow children to bring mobile phones to school.


The Academy does not tolerate bullying of any kind. If we discover that an act of bullying has taken place, we act immediately to stop any further occurrences of such behaviour. While it is very difficult to eradicate bullying, we do everything in our power to ensure that all children attend school free from fear.

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