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Welcome to the Isle Education Trust website. We hope that this site provides you with all the information you require regarding our Trust and that you will get a sense of the organisation we are and aspire to be. If you are interested in finding out more about Isle Education Trust please contact us.

  • South Axholme
  • Coritani
  • Epworth Primary

Safety and wellbeing

Safety and wellbeing underpins all that we do and is of paramount importance to us.  We teach pupils to be safe and to look after themselves and others through our mindset Excellence for All: Developing Learners, Respectful, Honest, Kind and through our day to day curriculum. 

E Safety

All pupils receive lessons on this as well as regular updates in lessons.  Our IT systems are set up to filter and block inappropriate sites and images and to monitor pupil usage.  

Trying to keep children safe online is an ever changing problem for parents too. Please follow this  link to look at ways you can help keep your children safe online

This link provides useful information about the safe use of social media 

If you have any concerns about internet safety and/or wish to report something that you feel is inappropriate, please click here

Other useful links are: 





Safeguarding legislation and government guidance says that safeguarding means:

  • Protecting children from maltreatment
  • Preventing impairment of children's health or development
  • Ensuring that children are growing up in circumstances with the provision of safe and effective care
  • Taking action to enable all children and young people to have the best outcome

Safeguarding includes child protection, health care plans, health and safety, site security, safety on school trips, anti-bullying work and so much more. 
The academy’s Child Protection Team consists of: Mr Woolley (Designated Safeguarding Lead) Mrs Hodson (Deputy DSL), Miss L Edgar (Deputy DSL) and Miss M Banner (Progress and Achievement Leader).

The academy adheres to the following three DfE safeguarding documents:

  • Working Together to Safeguard Children 
  • Keeping Children Safe in Education 
  • The Prevent Duty 

The academy has a suite of safeguarding documents which are reviewed regularly and can be found in the Policies and Documents section of this website. If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact the academy and we will be only too happy to help you. 

All staff receive regular Child Protection and Safeguarding update training and are aware of the procedures for passing on concerns within school.

Safeguarding our Pupils:

Within the academy we feel we can support our pupils in a variety of ways including through early intervention. As a team we sit down and look at ways in which we can support our pupils with the daily issues they face in an ever-changing world. If you have any concerns that you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or Miss Banner in the first instance. 

We work closely with a variety of services including Health services, Social Services, NSPCC and the Police in aiming to ensure the physical and emotional well-being of each child in our care.

All staff working with children have a legal responsibility to pass onto the relevant authorities any concerns or allegation that a child has been abused or harmed in any way. Usually this will be through the academy's Designated Safeguarding Lead. While this may be of concern to parents, staff have a legal responsibility to disclose this to other authorities who will then investigate.

While we take safeguarding of our pupils very seriously, sometimes young people prefer to talk to outside agencies. Here are some websites to support pupils and parents:

Emotional Wellbeing
Young Carers

Road safety and parking

We are concerned with the safety of the children arriving and leaving the Academy. Please observe the 'school zone' around Birchfield Road and the Fieldside crossroads and do not park in this area. Parents are also asked to avoid blocking the drives of neighbouring houses and the garages.

Parents should not park in the Academy car park (even for a short stay) or turn around in Birchfield Road. It is important that delivery drivers and emergency vehicles have access at all times and disabled access is kept clear.


To protect all pupils and staff, during the school day the main entrance should be the only entrance used by visitors. The bell should be rung to gain admission. Other doors/gates are locked.

Walking to School

As pupils get older, they may want to walk to the academy on their own.  This link provides information about how to stay safe from the NSPCC.  Please click  here


As an academy we consider good behaviour and high standards of politeness and good manners from the whole community, to be an essential condition for effective teaching and learning to take place. It is a primary aim of our academy that every member of the academy community feels valued and respected, and that each person is treated fairly. We teach pupils to know the difference between right and wrong and to develop tolerance and understanding and expect parents to support this. This is modelled by staff working with the children in the academy and also through the curriculum including the PSHE curriculum (Personal, Social and Health Education) and the RSE curriculum.

The academy works collaboratively with parents, so children receive consistent messages about how to behave at home and at the academy. We try to build a supportive dialogue between the two and inform parents if we have concerns about their child's welfare or behaviour. Our full behaviour policy can be found  here


The Academy does not tolerate bullying of any kind. If we discover that an act of bullying has taken place, we act immediately to stop any further occurrences of such behaviour, working with both parties involved in the incident.  While it is very difficult to eradicate bullying, we do everything in our power to ensure that all pupils attend school free from fear. We actively train pupil anti-bulling ambassadors through the Diana Award. Our Anti-Bullying Policy can be found  here

Home-Academy Agreement

The Academy has devised a Home-Academy agreement that is sent to all parents at the start of the academic year. We hope that all parents will support the academy in making sure that they and their children sign and support the Epworth Home-Academy Agreement. This details the obligations of academy staff, parents and children in ensuring all work together for the education of your child. The Principal, Mr Woolley, signs the agreement on behalf of the academy to make clear our commitment to you as parents.

Emergency contact details

In case of accident, emergency or illness at school, staff will take all possible steps to contact you immediately. It is your responsibility to inform us of any changes in employment, contact details ( address, mobile phone number and work contact details ) or domestic circumstances as soon as they occur, using the Arbor app or by contacting the academy so that the necessary details can be updated.

We also ask all parents to register with Arbor so alerts can be sent in the case of an emergency - for example, if we have to close the school due to bad weather.

Toys / Mobile Phones

We do not allow pupils to bring toys to the academy to play with. We provide a good range of playground equipment for breaks and lunchtime.

Any item brought into the academy is at the child's own risk. The Academy does not accept responsibility for any item lost or broken including clothing.

Pupils are not allowed to use mobile phones in school.